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by Mike Laur
May 7, 2012
Ready. Set. Pour!

After five years of thoughtful planning and two years of licensing, meetings, design, construction and finishing, Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield opens its doors to customers. Now comes the time for the biggest choice of all: what kind of beer would you like?

Along with the photos below, you can also catch a glimpse of the festivities with this short video!
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Finishing Touch: World's largest Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado Map gets a prominent place in the new Big Choice Brewing tasting room in Broomfield.
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
On The Map: Co-owner Tyler Ruse makes sure that visitors to Big Choice know exactly where they are in The Great Beer State.
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Lifelong Friends: Tyler Ruse (left) and Nathaniel Miller have known each other since grade school, and grew up together through college and military service. Today, after two years of hard work, they are now part of the Colorado Beer Scene as co-owners and brewers at Big Choice Brewing. Nathaniel has especially fond affection for the kettle he's got his hand on - he custom designed, built and fabricated the unique vessel himself.
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Grand Opening: The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce turned out in full force to welcome their newest member to the fold. Hey - the promise of good beer brings out a crowd every time.
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Careful With Those Scissors: After five years of planning two years of serious hard work, Tyler and Nathaniel cut the ribbon to welcome customers into Big Choice Brewing.
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Four Beers On Tap: (Left to Right) Nathaniel, Tyler, and Tyler's wife Andrea have their hands full pouring beers for the thirsty crowd on opening day. Currently they are serving four brews: Saison, Type III IPA, Disconnected Red and Poblano Stout. Mmmmmm...
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Worth the Search: Big Choice Brewing is located slightly off the beaten path, a few blocks from downtown Broomfield. The seven barrel system promises to be running full-time.
Photo by Mike Laur BDG2C
Time for A Cold One: Andrea Ruse serves another IPA for a waiting customer. Big Choice Brewing, located at 7270 W. 118 Place, will be pouring its delicious beers daily from 4pm to 10pm.
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